Eskom wants to use wood-based biomass fuels to fire stations


Power utility Eskom was looking into the potential of using wood-based biomass fuels for firing or co-firing its coal-fired power stations.

The utility has called for an Expression of Interest (EoI) for consultants to participate in a proposed study on this.

It was hoping to establish a list of consultants that would be able to undertake a study to determine various aspects around the availability and supply of wood-based biomass fuels in the Southern African region.

The proposed study would include, among other aspects, which wood-based biomass fuels were available in South Africa and its neighbouring countries; the potential suppliers of these fuels; the total available tonnages; the quality and reliability of supply; the transport of the fuels; and costs.

Interested parties have until June 30 to submit an EoI to Eskom, after which the utility would issue an invitation to tender for the proposed study.

The Southern African Alternative Energy Association (SAAEA) will submit a report on behalf of our members.
Comments and submissions are welcome.
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