Energy from Municipal Solid Waste

Landfill in Jefferson County, CO.  Photo by David Parsons.

The Southern African Alternative Energy Association (SAAEA) is proud to have become associated with Meldynique Energy, an international alternative energy from waste organization based in Belgium.

Alwyn Smith, administrator of SAAEA says the relationship will have benefits to Southern Africa through the Public Private Partnerships (PPP) offered by Meldynique to local municipalities to generate energy from solid waste.

Says Dave Sleuwagen of Meldinique “Our system is one of ,if not the, cleanest around as we have no incineration and not even a chimney, we have the same byproducts as bio mass but then from Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), Tires, plastic, sewer sludge and animal manures to name some.
There is no need for landfill with our system, what we can’t process can be recycled.
We combine several technologies for the facility depending on the area and the local needs.
We have waste to energy, landfill glass, solar BIPV, bio oil refinery and atmospheric water production into one facility or project to realy help communities and optimize the ROI and revenues.
Our system is the only one that is scalable in size, 50TPD units are the smallest unit we have for the WTE.
It comes with shredder, sorting unit , recycling unit and WTE unit in one part and then additions of the other technologies.
The building will be built with green concrete and recycled glass and metals where possible.”

Meldynique Solar was founded in 2001 by Mr. Dave Sleuwaegen and Ms. Monique van Deursen. Through successful growth Meldynique Solar extended and have sales representatives all over Europe (France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Italy, Germany, The Benelux etc.) For visiting our factories we have people at site who are always happy to welcome you. The vision of Meldynique Solar is to serve everyone’s need, to provide professional expertise and to seek the newest and best technology where our service, quality and price are of great importance.
Our goal is to create, together with our customers, a cleaner environment for everyone’s future, especially for our children. So, let the sun shine! Our inexhaustible source of clean energy!

Local municipalities and stake holders are welcome to contact us for further info.