Employment oppurtunity…Energy Engineer (Mozambique)


    In Mozambique’s rural areas, most of the energy is obtained from fuel, wood and charcoal, which are costly, inefficient and environmentally damaging.

    By the end of the year 2008, around 615.000 households, mostly in urban areas, had access to the electricity grid, giving an electricity access rate of 12%, significantly below the South African Development Cooperation average of 27%. The electricity access rate in rural areas, where the population is very scattered, is less than 5%. Grid extensions towards rural areas remain very expensive and are not economically viable.

    In order to increase the access to energy in rural areas, this program will focus on off-grid energy systems, based on renewable energy resources (hydraulic, solar and wind), in remote rural areas where no grid connection is foreseen within the next five years.

    To increase the sustainability of the renewable energy installations, the program will also provide a computerized asset management system and technical assistance focussed on capacity building through training initiatives, research and development. Two long-term international experts (one with technical and one with a socio-economical profile) will join and cooperate with the FUNAE (Fundo Nacional de Energia) staff during the implementation of the project.


    Energy Engineer – MOZAMBIQUE

    for the project: “Renewable Energy for Rural Development”

    Ref: MOZ/09/018–1B

    Location: Maputo – Mozambique 

    Duration of the contract: 48 months 

    Probable starting date: as soon as possible 

    Monthly salary package: between 5.199,59 euro and 7.362,02 euro (this includes the gross monthly salary and the expat benefits: hardship allowance and expat allowance). The salary is calculated, depending on the composition of the family and the number of years of relevant experience.

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