Does your region have the natural resources to exploit small hydropower?


Local hydropower sources can play an important role in the electrification of urban and rural areas.
A 10 MW plant could power an African town of 50,000 people.
Estimates of the untapped potential for small hydro plants in Africa range to over 60,000 MW, but only several hundred megawatts of capacity has been built.
The current interest by African governments – local and national, municipalities and international donors, development banks and the private sector – in increasing energy access in Africa’s rural communities will facilitate the uptake of this robust, environmentally friendly form of energy.
Hydropower Africa 2010 will allow you the opportunity to learn from Africa’s most recognised hydropower industry experts. Network with key solution providers, project consultants and engineers in the hydropower sector and learn how you could make a difference to your community’s energy demands.
What to expect at Hydropower Africa 2010:
  • Discover how hydropower could optimise your energy mix and cost effectively meet your area’s capacity requirements

  • How to get most of your existing hydropower infrastructure through rehabilitation, maintenance and increased efficiency

  • Learn more about the potential and challenges for small hydropower to electrify urban and rural areas

  • Discover how to utilise current dam sites to generate hydro-electric power

  • Hear from the Ministers themselves about investment prospects for hydropower in Africa and how to unlock Africa’s hydro potential to promote sustainable development, regional cooperation and water and energy security in your area

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