Do we need to continue to be like the rest of the world?


Why does South Africa have to continue to be like the rest of the world when we have so much sun here? Why can’t we build massive Concentrated Solar Tower projects in Namibia so that we can supply our peak demand whilst the sun is still shining in Namibia and not shining from 6pm to 8pm in South Africa. Why can’t we explore the 7GW of pumped storage available in the Lesotho mountains which is a huge potential battery for energy for Southern Africa?

Medupi and Matimba on the North West Side of South Africa will have 9 GW of capacity and transmission cables to the rest of South Africa. Cabling Namibia to Lephalale where Medupi and Matimba are is shorter than Mpumalanga to Cape Town.

There are so many alternative energy opportunities. When will we wake up and take advantage of them?

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