Distributors required for Krinner Ground Screws


During 2009, we identified this “State-of-the-Art” foundation solution from Germany and realized the potential and opportunities within Southern Africa over a large range of application areas, starting 2010 we became the Sole Importer of the KRINNER product, marketed the product via emails, customer visits, exhibitions, magazines, demonstrations etc….since then the brand has grown and became better known within Southern Africa.

To help expand the KRINNER brand even further within Southern Africa, also to have the KRINNER Ground Screws used more in the endless application areas, we welcome interested parties to contact me regarding either by distributing, Installing or appling this “State-of-the-Art” Foundation Solution together with your projects.

If you require more information, please do not hesitate to contact me:
Chris Smuts
+27 82 450 2238