Controlling the cost of energy


Controlling the cost of energy is without doubt one of the greatest challenges facing homes and industries today as the global economy comes under increasing pressure to remain competitive. Infinity Energy brings you solutions to dramatically improve overall efficiency, providing safer and more reliable operations with substantial reductions in both energy consumption and maintenance costs.

Infinity Energy has come up with innovative and clever idea’s on ways to reduce your monthly electricity costs. Are you currently in charge of your monthly electricity bill. We will help you to take control of this and not throw away hard earned money.
Your geyser would normally cost you the consumer anywhere from 40 % to 60% of your total monthly household bill.
Our products will save you a guaranteed min 25% of your monthly bill ensuring a quicker return on your investment.
The products combined are a cleverly designed package to reduce both your geyser + plugs points, air conditioning, pool pumps, fridge, freezer, yes any motorized appliance in the house

Our company focuses on 2 specific designs namely :-
The first generates a dramatic energy saving on your geyser by regulating the function of the geyser
The 2nd is a way which would stabilize and optimize the flow of energy within a household, business etc environment, Power Factor Correction (PFC)