Canadian Small Wind Turbine Manufacturer seeking South African Distributor


Global Wind Group is seeking a major distributor for the African market to appoint agents in various countries around Africa to solicit and install the ZuS modular power systems.

With the rising cost of energy there is a real demand for affordable energy alternatives. We’ve recently launched a turn-key product called the modular power system, and the response has been excellent.

The modular power system is a complete stand-alone modular power station which comes standard with:
VAWT Wind Turbine
30ft Composite Pole

The modular power system is a versatile product and is the solution to customer’s energy, lighting, security, and telecommunications needs. The modular power system is a modular power station capable of supplying power to:
Residences and businesses
Street lighting, new or existing
Traffic control
Wireless video cameras
Telecommunications (WI-FI and Cellular)

The uses and location of the modular power system is endless. Below are some examples:
Golf Courses
Remote Areas

Telecommunication Towers
Street Lights

Street Lamps

Power for Security Cameras
Rural Border Crossings

Pathway Lighting

…and the list goes on

“We identify a company or companies to distribute our product within the given territory. The distributors then have an inventory of our product to supply the agents in the given territories. Distribution companies with warehouse space, logistics set up, well-established, good reputation, experience in the renewable energy sector (not mandatory but preferred) are who we are seeking. The distributor profits from volume sales. Outside of North America the distributors are trained here in Winnipeg, Canada and then they offer the installation and sales training to the local agents.
The agents sell our products to the end users or through their resellers. The agent is responsible for the installation of the product and receives a 15%-20% commission on all sales (depending on quantity) and excluding installation. We provide the agent with all the marketing materials, training and support to help them succeed in representing our products. The agent is responsible to attend sales and installation training at the distributors head office within the first 3 months of signing the agency agreement. The costs associated with travel, accommodations, etc are the agent’s responsibility. It is not mandatory to buy a unit to become an agent; however we strongly suggest that they do to help market the product in their territory. We also offer incentives to agents who hit and exceed their sales targets.

Prior to becoming a distributor/agent or receiving any pricing or manuals, we ask that the interested party signs a non-disclosure form. At which time we will then supply all the packages for either program.”

For an introduction or more info contact SAAEA