Amosun Flags Off Climate Protection Project


Governor Ibikunle Amosun of Ogun State, southwestern, Nigeria has declared his government’s readiness to support the initiative to prevent further depletion of the ozone layer being promoted by his wife, Olufunso.
The governor spoke at a talkshop on Uplifting Environment held today at the June 12 Cultural Centre, Kuto, Abeokuta.
He noted that the “colloquium will serve as a viable approach to enlighten our people on the after-effect of our activities on the environment”
The governor, who also observed that the initiative would serve as a platform for cross-fertilization of ideas through which workable recommendations to improve on our environmental situation could be generated, said all were guilty of indifference to the environment as people strive to satisfy personal basic needs.
Amosun said: “As humans, we did not pay for all these developments. But, we forced our host, the environment to pay, by degrading its natural elements. Now, dangerous occurrences across the world such as erosion, earthquakes, cyclones, typhoons, landslides, tsunamis, are all symptoms of the fact that the environmental resources that have sustained our existence are fast declining. As a result, the climate is changing; the water level of our oceans is fast rising as a result of melting glacier at the Polar Regions; the sun is now harsher on the exposed earth surface; and we are having more storms.
“Consequently, all of us are in harm’s way. What is more? Apart from the psychological effects the environmental disasters have on the victims, the cost of bringing relief to the victims is also fast becoming a burden on government. These sad developments are direct consequences of our own activities”.
Governor Amosun said his government takes the issue of environment seriously, saying “as an Administration, we take issues of environmental protection seriously. As we proceed in the fulfilment of our “5-Cardinal Programme” in our “Mission to Rebuild” Ogun State, we take cognizance of the impact that our various development projects have on the environment. As we renovate and upgrade existing infrastructure and build new ones, we ensure that we make solid Environmental Impact
Assessment (EIA) before embarking on any construction. We also work to sustain and nurture the many green areas which the good Lord has endowed our State with.
“Even in our investment promotion and industrialization drive, we always make sure that the investor and the proposed factory will not impact negatively on our environment. In doing this, we are ensure that we do not only build an economically viable State, but also a socially stable and friendly environment”.
Convener of the workshop, Mrs. Olufunso Amosun disclosed that the confab would “highlight simple but important steps
we should take to reduce adverse environmental impact, save money, and live a happier and healthier life. Our ‘Green’ topic of discussion would include pathway to solar energy, turning our waste to wealth and so many other relevant
aspects of the green scriptures”.
The confab with the theme, “Uplifting the Environment-Ogun State Goes Green Conference”, had some international bodies presenting papers on the climate change and protection.
The Ogun First Lady explained that Going Green means “adopting basic principles in our daily life such as reduce pollution, conserve resources, conserve energy, reduce waste production, protect the earth’s ecological balance and recycle what we can. These principles are important in protecting the environment from harm as well as helping to ensure that living on earth is sustainable for human and other creations”.
Declaring her efforts to support the administration of her husband in his Green Advocacy programme for the state, Mrs. Amosun revealed that a youth-targeted programme is in the pipeline.
” I have come up with an initiative targeted at the youth; this initiative is called GEFTY-Green Empowerment for The Youth. It is obvious that it has become imperative to key into a demography graced with strength, vigour and passion to drive the green agenda. GEFTY is the way forward. Youths are vibrant, adaptable, mobile and upward-looking. They are the destined leaders of tomorrow. They are a fundamental and quintessential force to tap into and reckon with”.
She however stated that some of the programmes of the GEFTY includes Green Youth Conference to educate our youths on the green culture, promising that the first programme will be held on Christmas Day of this year.
“At the programme, GEFTY Ambassador will be nominated from each of our 236 wards in Ogun State to take seeds back to their schools, to plant trees under the supervision of their agricultural teachers. We intend to encourage Green Clubs in schools working alongside Girls Guide and Boys Scout for sustainable support and to organise Green Essay competitions and quiz sessions regularly”,she said.