Rebuilding Maghreb/the Middle East


Rebuilding Maghreb/the Middle East – Fast forward the Renewable Energy Revolution for a better Future

The 4th Annual Maghreb/Middle East Renewable Energy Summit 2012, following after recent elections, a new societal and in some cases, new market openness and a new vibe, arising from political seismic changes & liberalisation, provides a refreshing Strategic Platform for industry and market stakeholders including power generation & distribution companies to address key burning issues, and exchange ideas on how to attract investors to the renewable sector in these regions to sustainably develop and generate electricity from renewable sources.

Notwithstanding the European debt crisis, countries in the North Africa and the Middle East regions have taken a greater urgency in rebuilding strife-torn economies, developing new industrial zones and factories with emphasis on local content to meet local employment needs. Even oil and gas rich countries such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar are building their own polysilicon factories! These opportunities are unprecedented elsewhere in a world that is expecting only for further economic recession and hardship!

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