Shedding light on solar power solutions for South Africa


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With the spectre of load shedding rearing its ugly head once again following Eskom’s recent warning of forthcoming blackouts, the question begs – is conventional electricity is the best way in which to power our lives?
Since the introduction of load shedding in January 2008, the nation has been swept by  rolling blackouts as electricity demand gradually begins to outstrip supply, placing strain on both the national grid and on consumers themselves. With so much frustration on the part of South Africans, and so many questions regarding electricity suppliers’ ability to provide a reliable source of energy, it seems only logical that the next step would be to look for alternative energy sources, particularly in what Eskom themselves have termed a “difficult year”.

Making the switch to solar power

In the search for a solution to the potential energy crisis facing us in 2012, solar power is one of the first that comes to mind. Long considered one of the most accessible forms of renewable energy, solar electricity has increased in popularity over recent years, leading to its becoming one of the alternative energy solutions of choice for both professional and private consumers alike.  

Leading the way in providing solar power solutions to the local market is Solairedirect Southern Africa, a subsidiary of one of the foremost solar power operators in France. Bringing international quality and expertise to bear on local challenges, Solairedirect is ideally positioned to provide reliable, cost-effective PV solutionson a long-term basis.

The number one choice for solar PV solutions

Having developed significant technical experience in photovoltaic technology, as well as the design, production and operation of solar PV systems, Solairedirect’s goal is to make the accessibility of solar electricity as widespread as possible. With an impressive number of solar power projects to its name, Solairedirect is achieving this goal on a daily basis, providing solar power systems to both commercial and residential consumers that not only produce clean, green, reliable energy, but increase the value of their property as well.
From large-scale solar PV parks to small-scale rooftop installations, more and more South Africans are reaping the benefits of this alternative form of energy that not only provides reliable power, but also drastically reduces the impact of this power on our natural resources. And with Solairedirect on hand to provide top quality engineering and world-class support every step of the way, the light from solar energy will burn brightly in homes every day of the year.
For more information on solar PV power solutions in South Africa, and their implementation, please contact Solairedirect Southern Africa for a consultation.

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