Cosatu to protest against solar local content

    Congress of South African Trade Unions
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    The Congress of SA Trade Unions (Cosatu) plans to protest against government’s “failure” to implement a COP 17 jobs commitment it made at the climate change conference in Durban last year.

    “The government’s commitments in the COP 17 negotiations are being undermined by the regulations that government’s department of energy has put in place,” the federation said in a statement.

    This related to a flood of components in the solar industry being imported which had already seen solar companies close down and people losing their jobs, Cosatu said.

    “This industry was to be one of the flagships in respect of creating additional employment opportunities; now it’s losing jobs as a direct result of the lack of action from the part of government.”

    Cosatu said it would announce the protest action at a press conference in Cape Town on Thursday.

    The federation said it would protest at Parliament to highlight the threat to jobs and would request a meeting with the ministers of energy, trade and industry, and economic development.

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