Smart Cities Summit and Expo, South Africa

By 2050 more than 80% of South Africa’s population will live in cities. The challenges presented by the rapid population growth demand that cities transform. The smart cities Summit will be the most futurefocused event on urban planning in Africa. It is a space where public sector problems will meet innovation and solutions. The two-day event, in association with the Department of Environmental Affairs, covers every facet of modern city management.

What is a smart city?
The world’s population is not only rising, but rapidly urbanising. The strongest growth will be in Africa where in 2030, for the first time in the continent’s history, more Africans will reside in urban than rural areas. By 2050, about 800 million people will be living in cities, and 14 countries (including South Africa) will be more than 80% urbanised.
The challenges thrown up by this population explosion require cities to transform. The cities of the future are smart cities: connected places that function properly, are economically sustainable and contain healthy, happy citizens and thriving, innovative businesses. Smart cities will be the first choice for business and investment, which will create employment and foster increased prosperity.

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