Spanish Invitation for South African RE Collaboration

We are looking for South African Companies (with the BBEE Certificate) that are consulting or civil engineering firms. And we are offering those companies the specialization in solar (photovoltaic) and wind power that we are experts on, therefore to collaborate.

We have great technical know-how & strong financial figures, but we would need some local partner in South Africa to carry on some interesting projects regarding solar and wind power.
We have a great expertise in renewable energies specialized in electric network integration, green building and energy services: energy installations; energy supply management, financial solutions to ensure viability of the clients’ project…

Providing an extensive array of renewable energy services and Civil Engineering ones, design consulting, quality control analysis, architecture and project management services, our group is composed by nine highly specialized companies with an extensive experience in building, urban planning, energy, industrial, water, transportation, underground infrastructure and environmental remediation.

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