Carbon Track keeps a close eye on your green investment


The Carbon Track chip can be attached or imbedded into renewable energy devices converting them into smart devices. These can measure energy production and communicate directly to our smart network.

Carbon Track makes managing, locating and maintaining renewable energy devices simple. Finance and insurance organisations will know exactly where their assets are located and how they are performing.

Carbon Track translates data and identifies the amount of renewable energy credits that have been generated, these can be monetised and traded. Further enhancing the validation process of Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects.

Consumer’s can receive alerts indentifying the amount of green energy consumed. Carbon Track calculates energy savings highlighting the financial benefits of using green energy.  
Carbon Track monitors the efficiency of each renewable energy device identifying underperformance or maintenance requirements. Carbon Track alerts technicians so that devices are serviced and repaired in a timely manner.

CarbonTrack’s high performance, remote monitoring control units come in three separate unit types to suit various applications & site installation requirements.

All CarbonTrack units are equipped with the following standard features:
GPRS communication to base
SMS command support
HTTP/HTTPS support
Power measurement transducers
Temperature sensor bus
Back-up Li-Poly battery unit back up for up to 6 hours
13 Digital Inputs/Outputs
5 Analog Inputs

CarbonTrack CT100i-P

These units are specifically designed for monitoring photovoltaic (PV) and wind power installations.

CT100i-P has the following capabilities & features:
Measuring Apparent Power, Real Power and the Power Factor of the installation itself
Measurements are done every 2 seconds for accuracy and are stored on the internal chipset for up to 50 days
Data is able to be uploaded to the central monitoring server every 2-3 hours, thus reducing the chance of data loss
Units have up to 6 hours battery backup

CT100i-P can be non-invasively installed on to existing photovoltaic & wind power generating assets. The measurement transducers are designed to provide isolation from the high voltage and current sources.

CT100i-P supports single and three phase installations and is shipped with a single phase measurement transducer with an option to include 2 more measurement transducers for three phase installations.

CarbonTrack CT100i-T

These units are designed for monitoring solar water heating installations and heat pumps.

CT100i-T has the following capabilities & features:
Measuring power consumption of the backup heating coils
Temperature readings from the tank

These parameters can provide an accurate insight into the efficiency of the installation & the CT100i-T can be connected to a flow meter.
Measurements are done at 2 second intervals
Collective data is uploaded to the server every 2-3 hours
Additional temperature sensors are available to measure ambient temperature, each CT100i-T unit can support up to 20 temperature sensors.

CarbonTrack CT100i-C

CT100i-C is the custom implementation of CarbonTrack’s offering and M&V solution.
Each unit is equipped with 13 digital Inputs / Outputs
5 analog Inputs.

These endpoints can be connected to transducers for sensing and measurement or for controlling and switching extension unit such as relays.

With remote control over GSM, CT100i-Ccan be used to interface with any system which requires monitoring and control.
Incorporates all of the capabilities of CT100i-P and CT100i-T
Can be extended with timer and control system extensions
Provides the flexibility of being able to fit into any monitoring and control environment


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