Solar Roof Tiles

Business Opportunity in Renewable Energy / A Unique Hungarian Solution: SOLAR TILES

Solar cell roof tiles produce electricity by altering solar energy, and as regards their application, their primary benefit is that they can be applied as either solar cell roof tiles that have a form, size, color, and identical fixing points identical with the type and form of any existing roof tile or roof covering, or they can be the actual roof tiles piece by piece on a particular roof.
Given the actual financial aspects and even partially, the amount of the solar cell roof tiles can be increased unlimitedly in proportion of the electric home appliances to be operated and their required output.
These tiles can be applied on the roofs built in any formation, even on mono and double pitch roofs.
The solar cell roof tiles are equipped with their own special chargeable batteries, thus there is no need for external batteries and/or a separate room for the storage of batteries.
Electricity is produced at daylight, which can immediately be utilized, and simultaneously the in-built batteries are charged.
The solar cells do not work at night owing to lack of adequate sunlight, but the in-built batteries provide energy that assures non-stop operation.

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