Solar Power in Africa is in the forefront

    Solar Power in Africa is in the forefront as a solution to dwindling coal based electricity supply

    Coal resources are being exhausted, and will not be able to meet this capacity, making it alarmingly clear that there is a need for inexpensive, low-carbon ways to improve access to electricity in the developing world. Governments and leadership across Africa are fast realizing that the solution does not lie in costly grid expansion but rather in affordable, renewable and readily available sources of power.

    The government of South Africa like, many of Africa’s developing countries have recognized the importance of seeking more sustainable sources of energy in order to secure the continuity of their economical and social activities. Solar power is one such resource that is at the forefront as a solution to the heavily strained coal based power supply. The REFIT Programme and other initiatives alike throughout Africa, will see Independent power producers (IPP) feeding independently generated solar power into the main grid to relieve the currently overextended power supply.

    At the Solar Power Africa 2012  (27 – 30 August, 2012, South Africa), Africa we will hear from power utilities, government en energy ministries, investors, energy regulators, energy efficiency bodies, IPPs and developers from all over Africa as they discuss the current policies and projects to draw the roadmap for the future of solar energy in Africa.

    Benefits of going solar:
    Gain key insight into some of the most successful solar power projects in the industry
    Discover strategies for acquiring funding
    Learn about cost effective building solutions
    Operate on a sustainable platform through energy security
    Dramatically reduce your companies carbon footprint
    Benefit from government incentives and rebates
    Discover how other developers are implementing successful projects
    Explore the latest innovative technologies that are at the cutting edge of solar power

    Rub shoulders with industry professionals and decision-makers
    Managing director * General manager Solar * Technology Director * Operations Director * Head Renewable Energy *

    And the find innovative solutions from:
    Turnkey technology providers, Original Equipment Manufacturers, Consultants, Venture capital providers, Energy battery storage suppliers and many more

    From a few of Africa’s leaders in Solar Power:
    South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique, Ghana, Nigeria

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