Renewable Energy Africa Investor Entrepreneur Meeting (REAIEM)


    Southern African Alternative Energy Association (SAAEA) in co-operation with Kings Way Investment Gateway (KWIG) are hosting the Renewable Energy Africa Investor Entrepreneur Meeting (REAIEM) at Westford Hotel, Sandton, South Africa on 31 May 2012. This meeting is focussed on matchmaking investors and entrepreneurs/project owners in the Renewable Energy sector in Africa, with the outcome of successful deals. 

    Kings Way Investment Gateway is a matchmaking platform between investors and entrepreneurs, focussed on investment opportunities in the various commercial sectors in Africa and offers transaction advisory services to its clients to facilitate successful transactions.
    Our unique offering is that the entrepreneurs are empowered by attending an investor-ready course. The course is based around a set of tools designed to assist entrepreneurs in understanding the requirements of an investor-ready deal. The tools include analysis of the technical, market and financial validation of a deal from the pure idea stage to a mature venture. (For more information).

    The meeting format will allow for 10 project presentations in the morning sessions and private (one on one) 30 minute scheduled meetings between investors and entrepreneurs, after lunch.

    As an Entrepreneur, locating Angel Investors & Business Angel investors can be quite a daunting process. The entrepreneur has the opportunity to present their projects to serious and active business angel investors, both in public and private meetings.

    As an investor, you will be able to meet and view the business plans of a wide range of entrepreneurs, both start up and growing projects owners, who are looking for funds to help them achieve business success. The investor is assured to reviewing projects that have been pre-vetted by professional business consultants to speed up the process of successful deal making.

    Our next meeting is planned for Cape Town on 28 June.

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