Training on Energy System Products in South Africa


For over 35 years Victron Energy has been developing advanced electrical installations for many different types of applications. To keep the users of these applications up to date Victron gives training sessions on a regular basis. These training sessions take place all around the world.

Recently training sessions were held in Cape Town and in Johannesburg.

There was a large attendance and the participants took part in the sessions with great enthusiasm!

The goal of the training sessions is to inform Victron users about energy systems and relevant products. The content of the sessions is comprised of a combination of theory and practice, which appeared to work well for the participants. The training sessions cover the newest developments in the Solar market as well as current trends and other subjects from the field.

The following subjects were covered during the tour in Africa:
• Batteries
• Inverters
• Battery monitoring
• MultiPlus
• Quattro & software
• VGR software and system integration

After the theoretical part, the participants were tested on their knowledge of various Solar systems with Victron equipment. The participants were able to set up the equipment, perform calculations and practice with the VGR software.

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