ETDEWEB access now open to everyone


I wanted to let you know about an exciting development that means all of you now can have access to a previously access-controlled database resource.
Thanks to a policy decision among its Executive Committee, the ETDE World Energy Base (ETDEWEB) has now been opened to everyone. The largest single resource for energy-related research information, ETDEWEB has close to 5 million citation references and nearly 500,000 PDFs directly and freely available to view/download (access the database at Well over a million more have links to articles on publisher sites or the originating organization.
ETDE covers all kinds of energy information, from renewables, to clean coal, nuclear, materials, engineering, and lots of science. Environmental and policy aspects, conservation, efficiency, energy storage, sustainability and more can all be found in ETDEWEB. Previously, ETDEWEB access had been limited to countries participating in the ETDE information exchange agreement and some developing countries. Now, anyone can search the database.

ETDE is evolving as an agreement and we welcome your interest in being part of the next phase.