Wave and ocean current energy workshop South Africa

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3 September 2012

Senior Advisor for Renewable Energy at the SNV Netherlands Development Organisation, Chandirekera Mutubuki-Makuyana, will be facilitating a workshop at Hydropower Africa on wave and ocean current energy on the 3rd September at the CTICC in Cape Town, South Africa.
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Mutubuki-Makuyana, a thought leader in renewable energy provision, has extensive experience in designing financial and business models and setting tariffs for decentralized renewable energy systems in Southern Africa.

The South-Western African coastline is exposed to an energetic wave and ocean energy resource that, if effectively harnessed, could greatly contribute to the supply of renewable energy in Southern Africa.

Why ocean energy?
The cost of electricity is set to rise significantly in the next few years, which could make ocean energy conversion more financially attractive.
Private industry close to the ocean, like the aquaculture industry, could use ocean energy resources to secure their electricity supply and reduce their expenditure on electricity.

Why attend?
Walk away with the knowledge of what wave and ocean current energy is and what it all entails
Gain knowledge on recent developments and potential for further development along Southern Africa’s coastline
Attain a visual appreciation of how the technology works
Identify the drivers for the development of an ocean energy industry in Africa
Obtain valuable contacts for further support

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Visit www.hydropowerafrica.com or click here to download the brochure.

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