Woolworths’s sustainability chief on Green Business seminar panel


    Dont miss out on one of the highlights on the South African events calendar.

    Named as International Responsible Retailer of the year in both 2008 and 2010, Woolworths are leaders in fostering successful sustainability programmes. And, as head of this company’s Good Business Journey (Sustainability Programme), Justin Smith is responsible for strategy, structure and integration across the business, as well as delivering on their many transformation, social development, environmental and climate change issues.
    Smith’s previous experience, as head of Nedbank’s Enterprise Governance and Compliance cluster; being an associate in Edward Nathan and Friedland Environmental Law and Sustainability Services department; and as a Risk Manager at Standard Bank Group Risk Management, makes him someone Sustainability Managers and Business Leaders respect.
    As an integral part of Sustainability Week 2012, the environmental leadership publication, Green Business Journal, is hosting a one day, six-session seminar on the 26th of July at the Sandton Convention Centre. The seminar’s cutting-edge “green” content will take a precision-focussed look at the key issues concerning companies who acknowledge the competitive advantage of participating in today’s Green Economy.

    Subjects for all sessions have been carefully selected to ensure that the most topical and pressing sustainability issues are covered for both private and government enterprises, ensuring maximum take home benefit for all delegates.

    The individual sessions, in chronological order of presentation, are titled as follows:
    • The Green Economy — how it works; why it works and what the drivers are.
    • Greening Operations — the current regulations; methods of reducing environmental impact; new systems and technologies available and at what return on investment.
    • Greening Products —the drivers of change to greener products; products affected by regulation and return on investment scenarios concerning product re-design.
    • Sustainability Leadership — sustainability strategy, planning and management plus other key topics: leadership; employee participation and goal setting for success.
    • Sustainability Reporting — the contents of a report; the level of reporting in an organization and the systems to use; plus the level of stakeholder engagement.
    • The Business Case for Sustainability: Leverage — what it is; which type of organizations it’s applicable to; plus Green Marketing and avoiding Green Washing.

    The seminar costs R950 and includes a full access, full catering ticket to the giant expo – there are six trade and four public events – plus other free value-adds such as peer-reviewed handbooks and subscriptions.

    Date: Thursday 26 July 2012

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