Climate Change and the HFCBased Clean Extinguishing Agents

    No other issue related to the hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) clean fire extinguishing agents is perhaps more misunderstood than the issue of their environmental

    This confusion in the clean agent marketplace results from a lack of understanding of three
    key issues. Each requires reviewing in detail and provides factual information related to the use
    and environmental impact of HFCs in fire suppression applications. The three issues are:
    1 The meaning of global warming potential (GWP) values.
    2 The impact of HFCs used in fire suppression on climate change.
    3 Regulations related to HFCs in fire suppression applications.

    The article “Climate Change and the HFC-Based Clean Extinguishing Agents” from the Spring 2012 issue of International Fire Protection provides the factual information you need to understand the environmental impact and use of clean agent fire extinguishants when protecting your critical facilities.


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