Funding opportunity with German Education Ministry


    “The aim of the funding measure is to introduce model projects to help establish and expand international partnerships in the research, development and application of environmental and climate protection technologies and services and to trigger the development of lead markets in this area. In addition to technological aspects, this also includes socio-economic issues, questions of good governance, and stakeholder involvement at an early stage.”

    The fundamental aim of sustainability is to leave future generations a world that is worth living in and to achieve and maintain prosperity for everyone. Escalating environmental problems such as climate change and the consequences of the increasing use of resources are the great challenges facing sustainable development from the global perspective. New technologies, services and organizational models are an important key to mastering these challenges. Sustainable innovations are the only way of balancing economic growth and environmental and climate protection. They also provide economic opportunities. All the major forecasts predict the expansive development of environmental technologies on the world markets, which will lead to the creation of new jobs.

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