A new perspective for the sustainable development of Africa!


Frantic urbanisation, an entrepreneurial revolution, sustained economic and demographic growth, but also a new generation with a green conscience: Africa continues its race towards rapid and necessary transformation, and needs a sustainable model to support this enormous change.

Ecomondo, a point of reference for Europe and the Mediterranean basin for the green and circular economy, is a catalyst for building a network between Africa and Europe, playing the role of facilitator in the transfer of knowledge, technologies and concrete solutions.

The Africa Green Growth forum is intended to promote the conditions to boost investment in Africa, accelerate the energy and ecological transition and enable Italian companies to enter this market. There will be two main focuses: “The sustainable future of Africa cities” and “Green Hydrogen”, while topics such as the circular economy, the bio-economy and young entrepreneurship will also be covered.

Africa Green Growth
10 November, 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm

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