From 8th to 11th November, at IEG’s Expo Centre in Rimini, at the same time as Ecomondo 

  • The sections: Wind, Solar and Storage, Energy Efficiency, Sustainable City, E-mobility
  •  A busy conference programme organised by the Scientific Committee, chaired by Professor Gianni Silvestrini

 Rimini, 11 April 2022 – Wind, Solar and Storage, Energy Efficiency, Sustainable City, E-mobility. These are the sections into which the exhibition area of the 15th edition of Key Energy (Rimini Expo Centre, 8-11 November, alongside Ecomondo), an Italian Exhibition Group event, will be divided. A show that, now more than ever is the place to be in order to accelerate the diversification of Italy’s energy supply and to boost system creation in the Mediterranean basin.


The halls will showcase thermodynamic solar technologies for revamping and repowering, inverters and storage technologies, smart grids and, of course, a special “village” for everything involved in the Bonus 110% supply chain. Floating wind technology will feature alongside on-shore and off-shore wind turbines. Everything from micro and cogeneration, to digitalisation, energy management and ESCOs. Not to mention efficient lighting, IoT and urban regeneration. And lastly, electric cars, commercial vehicles, PHEVs, fleets and corporate car-sharing and car-pooling, batteries and electric car recharging columns. Production on an industrial or domestic scale, storage, efficiency, distribution networks and electric or hybrid vehicles: the Key Energy supply chain will be at the service of the qualitative leap that has now become a dramatic emergency for Italy, where the share of energy produced from renewables dropped to 36% last year (source: The section for the hydrogen supply chain will also be extended.


Along with technical workshops and state of the art conferences organised by the Technical-Scientific Committee, headed by Gianni Silvestrini, the second edition of Forum Africa Green Growth will also take place in collaboration with ITA, Res4Africa, Business Council for Africa and IRENA – in crossing with Ecomondo. Still, on the international front, Key Energy will propose a focus on Canada and another specifically on Mexico, where the first edition of Ecomondo Mexico is scheduled to take place from 12th to 14th July in Leon. The NRRP and the Italian strategy for accelerating energy transition will be the main themes of the conferences organised in collaboration with the Ministry of Ecological Transition, Ministry of Economic Development and Ministry of Sustainable Mobility.


Event: International trade show; Organizer: Italian Exhibition Group S.p.A.; Frequency: annual; Edition: 15th; Dates: 8-11 November;

mail:; Website: www.keyenergy.itFacebook:; LinkedIn:


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