Newsletter 17th July 2012



Woolworths’s sustainability chief on Green Business seminar panel 

Visit the only fully solar powered game farm in 

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RFQ to calibrate and service wind meters KZN South Africa 

Tender for Solar Pump Systems in Kimberly South africa 

Tender mass rollout programme of Solar Water Heaters in Cape Town 

Small Renewable Energy RFI documents from the South African DOE 

Quotation for Biogas digester for generation of electricity. Uganda 


Electrical Engineer (Renewable Energy) Opportunity at Aurecon 

Solar PV Installation teams needed in South Africa 

Legal Advisor Alternative Energy Projects in Gauteng | Job Mail South Africa 


Brazil’s Attempt at Distributed Generation: Will Net Metering Work? 

Why Is There So Much Focus on Net-Metering? 

The ANC know exactly what they are doing about energy ? 

Net Metering: An Overview (USA) of Model Standards and Policy Design Criteria 

Net Metering in USA.. South Africa needs to learn 

Feed-In Tariffs, Gross, Net and Virtual Net Metering – What’s the Difference? 

Make your own electricity cheaper than you can buy it. 


Eskom’s New Residential mass roll out program 

Solar cheaper than Eskom Electricity ? 
Citizens will be able to sell electricity to Swaziland Electricity Company 

Solar Power in Germany Increases 40 Percent 

Funding opportunity with German Education Ministry 

Tracking Solar PV Systems Explained 

Climate Change and the HFCBased Clean Extinguishing Agents 

Van Stadens wind Farm in the Eastern Cape (SA) 

South African Solar dream starts shining 

World’s Largest Solar Bridge 

South African DOE Energy Policy Briefings on IPPs 

ETA Awards recognise Energy Innovation 

Basil Read Energy in storage technology partnership 

IEA assists South Africa in developing solar energy roadmap 

Solar roof construction at Vodacom 

Rooftop solar PV, an awakening giant 

Recommendation from Ørjan Alexander Pedersen 

40% growth in global renewable energy generation forecast 

South African aviation biofuel strategy to be released 

Free Webinar – SolFocus and Abengoa on CPV’s next steps 

Green-Collar Training Award Nominations South Africa 

‘CSP on its own is probably the most promising of large-scale renewable energy technologies in SA.’ 

South Africa hopes carbon capture will make coal a clean energy source 
Youth trained up to install solar in South Africa 

The secret of the electricity tariffs in South Africa 

SolarReserve Receives ‘Industry Choice’ Award 

Sustainability Week – South Africa 

Solsquare and Solartech in new partnership 

Heat pump installed at SA prison 

eTekwini accept IPP’s ? 

SAAEA Membership Service 

SAAEA Gold Membership and Green Merlin Award to David Lipschitz and My Power Station Technology. 

50 MW Concentrating Solar Project for South Africa 




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