Connecting a 2.26 MWp solar carport


From this week on, visitors of the Warner Brothers Movie Park in Madrid can admire a new attraction before even entering the park. Within a few months, the German project developer Soventix GmbH built a modern carport on two hectares parking lot together with a solar roof made of 10,200 modules. The site will feed in about 3.2 million kWh of electricity into the Spanish grid, equating to CO2 savings of more than 1,700 tons yearly.
Warner Brothers Solar PV Carport
The prestigious object is Soventix first carport project. With the 2.26 MWp site, which is now up for sale to Investors, the project portfolio of the company was extended to 64 MWp.
It is particularly remarkable, that the consent of the Feed-In-Tariff was obtained to very good conditions. “The tariff we could fix at 27,8 Cents/kWh for 25 years for this project is nowadays utopic in most countries.”, reports project leader Lambert Jockram. Not without pride he presents the modern site: “The special thing about carports is, that we not only produce electricity. With shady parking lots, we are creating a meaningful additional value for the visitors. Try that with a wind-mill.”
In terms of solar components, for the first time, Soventix put a strong focus on Asian manufacturers. Thorsten Preugschas, CEO of the company, explains: “Our first goal is to realize a profitable project. That is why we used, among others, Yingli modules, with a convincing cost-performance ratio and constantly high efficiency on long terms. For the inverters, the project developers abided by the Swiss producer Sputnik Engineering AG.
The further development of the political and financial conditions of the Spanish solar sector is being observed carefully. Preugschas points out: “The hope is there, that those banks receiving support from the European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF) will also use it to finance visionary solar projects. The understanding should have been established within the financial sector, that investments in the sustainable energy supply are not only exceedingly profitable, but also a crucial factor for the further economic development in Europe. At times of crisis, you have to keep cool and remain clear-sighted.“
Soventix South Africa (Pty) Ltd is also offering these solutions to their local clients here in South Africa as well as ground mount and roof mount solutions.

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