Spotlight on small renewable energy generators

Small power generators and IPPs have come into the spotlight with the announcement by Eskom that own-generation will be included in the IDM program and by the DOE of the REIPP for small generators. It would appear that the small operator is finally being recognised, and the market for small generation is expected to take off as a result.

The inclusion of small renewable energy projects in the Eskom Integrated Demand Management program will no doubt provide a boost for the already established and growing on-site or customer embedded power generation market. The program operates under the standard offer system, and is limited at the moment to generation for own use, although there is talk of extending this to grid feed-in in future. On-site renewable based power generation is taking off in this country, although limited mainly to rooftop solar. Wind generation is also coming into its own right, and the latest news in this country is that a steel producer is going ahead with an on-site wind farm.
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