Attend the Africa Energy Indaba Conference, where energy and business leaders will debate the key topics in the energy sector.


The 12th Africa Energy Indaba Conference, taking place on 3 – 4 March 2020 in Cape Town, will discuss, debate and seek solutions to enable adequate energy generation across Africa. A diverse group of luminaries and high profile speakers will share their real-world insights about the changing energy landscape in Africa.

What will be discussed during the Opening and Plenary Panels?

As developing countries aspire to achieve universal access to electricity and grapple with generating sustainable base loads for industrialisation, the State often argues that it has the obligation to take care of its citizens and ensure that state resources are applied to deliver basic energy services. The private sector argues that it is better equipped to deliver a more efficient energy service and the state should confine itself to energy policy issues and creating an enabling environment for private sector investment.

The African Energy sector needs to transition to a new paradigm if it wishes to underpin the economic and social development of the continent. Investors and Businesses are poised to enter the African Energy Sector provided they are given clear signals that the sector is stable and that the opportunities presented in Africa’s energy sector will deliver adequate returns.


African Ministerial Panel: What are African Energy Ministers doing to stimulate investment into the energy sectors of their countries?


Resource Mobilisation: How can the African Energy Transition drive investment and business opportunities across the continent?

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