The expectations generated by the call for applications for incentives of the FER 1 decree will be at the centre of the renewable energy expo organized by Italian Exhibition Group at Rimini ExpoCentre, from 5th to 8th November along with Ecomondo. Buyer delegations awaited from 38 countries

Rimini, 19th September 2019 – New scenarios are opening up for the renewable energy sector, with the opening foreseen of the first call for applications for access to incentive procedure. There are seven appointments, from the end of September 2019 to September 2021, to be listed in the registers and the auctions contained in the FER 1 Ministerial Decree. And precisely on the days on which the first awards close, Rimini expo centre will again host KEY ENERGY (5-8 November 2019), the major event on renewable energy in Mediterranean countries, organized by Italian Exhibition Group, which this year reaches its 13th edition. An event with an increasingly international profile: in fact, during the four expo days in Rimini, delegations of buyers from 38 different countries are awaited.
KEY ENERGY is in fact held simultaneously with ECOMONDO, the expo for the technological innovation of the circular economy, and The States General of the Green Economy, the annual appointment – organized in collaboration with Italy´s Ministry for the Environment – which has become a reference point for thousands of enterprises.

Gianni Silvestrini, chairman of the Scientific Committee, reveals, ´The 2019 edition of Key Energy will be held in a very dynamic context. At European level, the new Commission has decided to raise the reduction of climate-changing emission by 2030 from 40% to 50% and aims at defining the climate neutralization scenario by mid-century in the first hundred days. The new European context suggests a re-examination of Italy´s Energy and Climate Plan, which will have to be presented in Brussels at the end of the year with more ambitious aims. So, after seven years of calm, the renewable energy race is under way again and will have to guarantee within 2030 a 55-60% coverage of electricity consumption. The procedure of auctions and registers, which has finally got under way, should enable to install 8,000 MW of solar, wind and hydro power within 2022. And there are 500 MW of Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) projects without incentives ready to start. Lastly, with the rules for the operation of Energy Communities established, there will be an enormous potential for decentralized plants. All interesting opportunities, which will be covered in depth at the conferences being held at Key Energy, at Rimini expo centre, from 5th to 8th November.´

But what prospects will there by for more ´green´ and efficient cities in the future? A first reply will arrive from the scenario survey of the Energy & Strategy Group of Milan Polytechnic, presented during the meeting ´Renewable energy, efficiency and mobility in the light of the Energy and Climate Plan´, which will open the busy program of conferences (continually updated, this can be consulted using the Key Energy link
Numerous meetings are also scheduled in the context of Key Wind, the show on wind energy in South Europe and Middle East, organized in collaboration with ANEV, Key Solar and Key Storage, the events for solar energy and energy storage, and Key Efficiency, dedicated to energy efficiency, cogeneration and the E.S.Co. world. Then there are the appointments with Sustainable City, the area that unites urban regeneration, sustainable and digital mobility and, a new feature this year, DPE- Distributed Power Europe, the international event dedicated to ´power generation´.

There are many comments on the awaited arrival of the measure on behalf of the sector´s major bodies, all of which are partners of Key Energy. ANEV chairman Simone Togni emphasizes, ´It is without doubt positive the fact that we are finally managing to have a provision – the FER 1 MD – which the wind sector had been waiting for since 2016, and thus arrives three years late. Then the contingents are important: 5,500 MW in the next three years for wind and photovoltaic energy. A negative aspect is having introduced multi-technological auctions, which risk jeopardizing the economic efficiency of the tenders and the impact on industrial growth. Another critical aspect is the division of the contingents according to years: starting with very low volumes in the first tenders and then rising is an absolute absurdity, also in the light of the fact that in recent years there has been no competitive procedure. In fact, in the proposed division, the delay accumulated cannot be recovered and, moreover, many MW of projects authorized in recent years risk having administrative problems and having to return to the Regions to extend the duration of the authorizations, with a resultant increase in costs. Lastly, it is necessary to arrange administrative simplification that enables new plants to have definite times for the authorization procedure, redefining in a more efficient manner the participation of the bodies in the granting of authorization, starting with that regarding the landscape. From the second Government led by Giuseppe Conte, we therefore expect a change that goes beyond statements and takes the form of effective action and coherent behaviour on behalf of the people and the bodies responsible for the development of the FER. ´New green deal´ is a beautiful title, which must not remain a dead letter. The wind sector and that of renewable energies represent fundamental instruments for achieving the European aims for 2030 and the potential they offer must not go to waste.´

Alberto Pinori, chairmen of ANIE Rinnovabili, also stresses, ´We are at the last stages of the FER 1 MD – the first competitive procedure for registers and auctions is foreseen in approximately two weeks.
It is an important moment, because it will enable us to understand in what direction the market will head. We hope there is not an excessively pronounced reduction in prices, as this would damage the supply chain that involves SMEs. The FER 1 Decree is a necessary provision, but not sufficient to achieve the objectives provided for in the PNIEC (Italy´s national integrated energy and climate plan) and to speed up progress towards this goal we have prepared various initiatives, in particular for the sector of the market involving plants with a power of less than 1 MW in which SMEs operate. We shall bring these proposals to the attention of the new government, which among its priorities has announced that it wants to do its utmost for protecting the environment and hindering climate changes: we believe that the push towards the use of renewable sources must be at the centre of a strategy for eco-sustainability.´

The president of the Coordinamento FREE (coordination of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency) Giovanni Battista Zorzoli stresses, ´As Coordinamento FREE, we hope that the new government immediately begins consultations on the proposal of the FER 2 Decree, regarding innovative technology and as soon as possible opens in-depth consultation with the stakeholders on the version of the Integrated National Energy and Climate Plan, reconsidered in the light of the observations of the European Commission and what has emerged from the online consultation. We also await with great interest the decree-law on climate changes, announced by minister Costa.´

Paolo Rocco Viscontini, President of Italia Solare concludes, ´We hope that the times foreseen by the Fer 1 Decree regarding the requests of incentive measures are respected, and that the observations presented to the GSE by Italia Solare and Ater on the simplification of the regulations and bureaucratic procedure are taken into consideration.
In general, from the new government we expect urgent measures aimed at speeding up the changeover from centralized production based on fossil fuel power plants to distributed generation based on renewable sources and in particular on photovoltaic power.´

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