Rimini.The exhibitions dedicated to circular economy and renewable energy at Rimini Expo Centre from 6th to 9th November

The Italian Minister for the Environment Sergio Costa will inaugurate the international Ecomondo and Key Energy expos, which open in a week at Rimini Expo Centre, organized by Italian Exhibition Group.
From Tuesday 6th to Friday 9th November the entire expo centre will host the very latest companies, technology and knowledge have to offer for the circular economy and the development of renewable energies.

The 22nd edition of Ecomondo will have as its fulcrum the new paradigm of the circular economy which, thanks to the realization of regulations and financing useful for strengthening it, is already an indispensable concept of industrial processes in all the most developed countries. Simultaneously, the 12th edition of Key Energy, which confirms its role as the driving force for business in the strategic sectors of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

As well as the expo part, there is a calendar of over 200 international events coordinated by the scientific committees chaired by Prof. Fabio Fava (Ecomondo) and engineer Gianni Silvestrini (Key Energy), two top experts in their respective disciplines in Italy and abroad. On 6th November there will be a conference on ´Climate Business Opportunities. IFC role and strategy in supporting climate-friendly projects in Africa´. On an inaugural day, there will also be the Sino-Italian Forum ´Green Industry Development´ chaired by Francesco La Camera, Director General of the Department of Sustainable Development, Ministry for the Environment, and by the Energy Saving and Comprehensive Utilization Department, Ministry of Industry and Technological Information in China. On the 7th, on the other hand, there will be a Webinar on ´The green jobs of the future. studying and doing research in Canada´, organized by the Canadian Embassy. On Thursday 8th November the Day dedicated to Morocco will be held.

At Ecomondo, the platform par excellence of the complete waste cycle, the international focus will be on Bioeconomy, with industrial excellence, the latest in new material, biorefineries and biomethane. Highlighting the increasingly European and international setting, this year there is greater participation of the European Commission in Ecomondo, thanks to the participation, with a dedicated stand, of the Easme Agency, with 37 projects financed by European programs. Ecomondo will also host the European summit on phosphor (European Nutrient Event), in Italy for the first time, after Basle and Berlin. Plus, European strategy on plastic, as well as interesting experiences to be found at level European in the management and exploitation of water resources, and the issues of soil remediation, the upgrading of sites and part areas.
Other topics on the agenda: prevention and management of hydrogeological risks, treatment and purification of indoor and outdoor air, monitoring emissions and gaseous effluents.

At Key Energy, energy efficiency is the key topic, in which 6.7 billion euros were invested in 2017, with continuous increases, also confirmed in the first half of 2018.
At the expo, a focus on the wind power sector, photovoltaic and energy storage, encouraged by the prospects for solar energy production which should be tripled in Italy by 2030 thanks to the stimulus of the European Union´s new targets.
Key Energy will also host the latest edition of Sustainable City, which features all the topics connected with the concept of smart cities.

At Rimini Expo Centre the first two days´ proceedings will focus attention on the States General of the Green Economy, promoted by the National Council for the Green Economy, in collaboration with the Italian Ministry for the Environment and with the technical support of the Foundation for Sustainable Development. This year they will concentrate on the topic Green economy and new employment to boost Italian economy and will be divided into two plenary sessions and five in-depth thematic and consultation sessions. During the opening plenary session on the morning of 6th November, with the participation of the Minister for the Environment, there will be a presentation of the 2018 Report on the state of the green economy, during which, as well as an update on the analysis of some sectors and strategic issues of the Italian green economy, a survey will be proposed on some choices for green investments and a series of seven priorities for legislators will be presented.

FOCUS ON ECOMONDO E KEY ENERGY 2018 Category: International expos; Organizer: Italian Exhibition Group SpA; Frequency: annual; Edition: 22nd Ecomondo and 12th Key Energy; Admittance: trade members and general public; dates and hours: 6 . 9 November, 9 am . 6 pm; group brand manager: Alessandra Astolfi; Ecomondo brand manager: Mauro Delle Fratte; Key Energy brand manager: Sara Quotti Tubi; exhibitor info: tel. +39 0541 744302; e-mail:; Web sites:; Facebook:; Twitter:;; Linkedin: