Lighting and connecting Kenyan schools

The Maasai Mara is not all luxury safari lodges and lions, it is home to communities which have seen little benefit from the influx of tourism over the past 30 years. Three such communities where energy access has enormous potential to transform lives are possible locations for Renewable World East Africa’s next phase of initiatives. 

Students in Siana, Nkoilale and Nturumeti are currently unable to study in the evenings; lack of lighting in houses makes ‘homework’ impossible and students have to leave school well before dusk to avoid lion, hyena or elephant encounters on the way home. Lighting would mean boarding houses could be established and pupils would have the opportunity to study later, improving their chances of passing the Kenyan Certificate of School Education. There are also possibilities for adults to access facilities, such as computer and internet, at the weekends. Renewable World is currently working with these schools to assess the viability of developing sustainable business models for school-owned electrification systems, and identifying possible technical design solutions. This project has the potential to provide a blueprint for replicating renewable energy access in schools across the province, improving access to education; crucial for assisting people to lift themselves out of poverty.

Read Renewable World East Africa Programme Manager’s blog on his recent project scoping trip in Kenya or support the development of this and other initiatives by donating now.

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