Photovoltaik Open Space Plants in Zambia


We offer Licenses for Photovoltaik Open Space Plants in Africa/Zambia. A property close to a transformer or substation will be provided free of charge during operation period.
The power will feed into the national grid, operated by the national public Energy Company.

aTradeon offers a cost effective Market Entrance in the African Photovoltaic Market. Africa is meanwhile known as sun rich continent with tremendous dynamic. Secure high yield returns are guaranteed!

The licenses will be offered in slots ; the smallest slot is one site with 2 MWp, the largest slot is three sites with 1 x 3MWp, und 2 x 1 MWp.The feed-in tariff is the incumbent ZESCO grants for up to 20 years and backed by a government guarantee. Building permissions and all other necessary permits and licenses are available. The specific yield of the plants is from 1740 to 1850 kWh / kWp / year.

Growing Nation – Zambia has about 14 million inhabitants and is twice the size of Germany. The country is one of the emerging countries in Africa. Zambia is the world’s fifth largest copper producer and has a economic growth of 6 percent per year.

Peacefull and Dynamic – Zambia celebrates its 50th anniversary of independence in 2014 and has since been governed democratically. Wars and revolutions, as in other countries of the continent, there are unknown. Corruption and bureaucracy is at a low level compared to other African countries. The standard of living of the people is steadily increasing. Due to the presently good position in the commodity markets is a medium-sized developed with high purchasing power.

Hunger for Energy – This positive economic development is hampered by inadequate infrastructure. The estimated power consumption is about 6 GWh in Zamba, but only with the current rd. 1.9 GWh can be satisfied. Power outages are common

The mining industry has often cut production or cannot open new mines. The government controls against here and therefore currently assigns licenses for 100 MW HFO-fired power plants and a total of 30 MWp solar systems.

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