The Nigeria Alternative Energy Expo (NAEE) is a gathering of leading local and international stakeholders who meet annually to chart a way forward for the renewable energy industry. They come together in what is arguably West Africa’s biggest event on promoting GREEN technologies (Renewable Energy Technologies) to devise winning strategies on how to promote renewable energy, make profit and protect the planet in the process. The event provides an opportunity for stakeholders to rub minds on how to move the industry forward as well as forge new partnerships through networking. The 6th instalment of the annually held conference promises to be a bumper package with the theme: “Embracing renewable energy to tackle Nigeria’s economic challenges“.

The NAEE 2016 is organised by the Africa Sustainable Energy Association (AFSEA) in collaboration with the Ministry of Power, Sustainable Energy Practitioner Association Nigeria (SEPAN), the Ministry of Environment, Energy Commission, The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), the National Agency on Science and Engineering and Infrastructure (NASENI) and SMEDAN among other local and multinational organizations. It is also supported by the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP), Africa Renewable Energy Alliance, ADB, the World Bank and the Clean Energy Business Council. This year’s event will attract more than 4,000 renewable energy power professionals and exhibiting companies from Nigeria, Africa and other parts of the World.

The timing of the NAEE 2016 is very auspicious in view of the fact that it is coming on the heels of several positive developments on a global, continental and local stage for GREEN technologies. The COP 21 Paris Climate Change Conference, the Africa Renewable Energy Initiative (AREI), and the launch of the Transformative Partnership on Energy for Africa by the African Development Bank are some cases in point. While the agreement reached at the Cop 21 Conference was a milestone, the plan to undertake large scale renewable energy installations  in Africa of about $20 billion by 2020 and the plan to invest part of African Development Bank’s  $12 billion on off grid electricity and clean cooking energy is a most welcomed development. In the same vein, the Federal Government of Nigeria recently signed a Solar Power agreement between Nigeria and the United Kingdom in October of 2015 to provide energy to millions of Nigerians through GREEN technologies.

NAEE 2016 would provide a platform for interesting and engaging sessions on how to leverage on prevailing opportunities created by recent developments in Africa’s GREEN space. It would also proffer suggestions on how to tackle the challenges being witnessed in the industry. There would be many enlightened local and international speakers who will share from their in-depth knowledge on Alternative energy on a Local, continental and global stage. Businesses would be provided a platform to display, market and sell their goods and services through an exhibition. The event would include a dinner where outstanding individuals and companies would be recognised and honoured with awards. Major stakeholders and players in Nigeria’s GREEN space are looking forward to NAEE 2016 not only because it is the most anticipated Alternative energy event in West Africa but also because it provides a gateway to Nigeria’s lucrative alternative energy industry.

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Wajim Yakubu Nuhu