W.African investment: Private firm to invest $186m in Cameroon gas power plant


On Monday, privately-owned Green Energy Norway Cameroun (Grenor SA), announced that it will be investing $186.66 million into Cameroon’s energy sector.

The green energy company will use the finances towards the development of gas power plant in the west African country, which is expected to havea  generation output of 300MW.

According to the country’s Monetary and Financial Committee, Cameroon is now generating enough power to meet less than half of its energy needs, Reuters reported.

Company official Polycarpe Banlog said: “Now the deal is signed, we will immediately start sending the thermo plants to Cameroon.”

Gas power plant development

The plant is expected to reach completion within six months, Banlog added.

Earlier this year, global power service provider Altaaqa Global, successfully installed and commissioned two temporary natural gas power plants in Logbaba and Ndokoti (Bassa) within 21 days.

The power plants have a joint capacity of 50MW.

Renewable power projects

The Central African country is heavily reliant on hydropower, which contributes an estimated 60% to the country’s total installed 1,400MW capacity.

Climate change, however, poses a huge risk so the country is being forced to seek alternative power sources.

In earlier reports, Cameroon welcomed its first renewable energy independent power producer, JCM Greenquest Solar Corporation, to develop a 72MW solar photovoltaic plant, in January this year.

The grant was awarded by the Sustainable Energy Fund for Africa in 2014 which, according to the African Development Bank, will cover environmental and social assessments as well as technical, legal and financial advisory services.