Botswana calls for IPPs to add 600 MW


The government of Botswana has issued a call for Independent Power Producers (IPPs) to submit expressions of interest, as the country plans to add a further 600 MW to its electricity generation capacity.

Half of this future 600 MW is to come through the addition of a further two units to the four unit 600 MW Morupule B power station, which is still being completed. The other 300 MW is for an open ended greenfields development anywhere in Botswana. Though Botswana has significant coal resources, and it makes this option an obvious choice, the greenfields 300 MW baseload power station theoretically could be supplied from other energy sources.

The Botswana government says factors such as technical and financial capability, work experience and qualification of top personnel and proposed capital and operating costs, will be key in deciding the winners of the two 300 MW tenders.