South African invented new vertical axis wind turbine.

Vaal University of Technology Innovation Center Director, Professor Jan Yost has recently invented a new type of structure, the vertical axis wind turbines. Yost said that the invention will greatly reduce the cost ofwind power, the horizontal axis wind turbines will be gradually replaced by the vertical axis wind turbines.

At present a common horizontal axis wind turbine wind generators, which leaves in the wind-driven rotating around the horizontal axis; while thevertical axis wind turbines, by definition, it leaves the vertical setting, which leaves surrounded by an equally the vertical axis.
Yost said that in general the vertical axis wind turbine contains only a layer of leaves is different from his invention of the vertical axis wind turbine by interlocking the upper, middle and lower leaves composed of three vertical. As two more blades, the interception of wind energy area increased by 200%, while the fan wind power generation capacity and cut-off proportional to the area.
Meanwhile, the general vertical axis wind turbine is different from his new design the plant to continue to rotate in strong wind, you can intercept more energy, this power-generating capacity will increase 200%.
According to theoretical calculations, this new structure will make it generate electricity generator power vertical axis wind turbines than the average increase 400%. The preliminary results of wind tunnel tests also support this reasoning.
Yost said that in comparison with the horizontal axis wind turbines, vertical axis turbine blades of the material is not demanding and easier to manufacture, and easy to implement automated production.
At present, the equipment manufacturing, installation and other early stage investment accounted for 70% of the cost of wind power, if the initial investment reduced by 60% of the cost of wind power will decrease 42%. In this way, even if no policy subsidies, wind power generation would also be a wise choice.

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