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Offering: Clean Concrete Technologies has perfected an efficient, cost-effective and sustainable technique for producing ultra-green concrete.
A result of extensive research and development, CleanCrete is a green concrete that uses 90% recycled and by-product materials without sacrificing strength or durability. Formerly offered as EkoCrete, CleanCrete uses a patented, proprietary formula to drastically reduce the amount of Portland cement used in the mix, giving CleanCrete 49% embodied energy savings over traditional concrete. What’s more, CleanCrete is strong and affordable and can be used just like traditional concrete.

CleanCrete Highlight
Environmentally sensitive
Lower portland cement content
Less energy used
Less carbon emitted
Reduced global warming potential
Minimally processed recycled materials
Conserved resources
Avoided habitat destruction
Reduced landfill waste
Innovative engineering
Recycled fibers
Reduce shrinkage
Reduce cracking
Superfine particles
Enhanced strength gain
Reduced wear and water penetration

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Contact person:   Gideon Murray
Southeastern Sales Representative
Clean Concrete Technologies

Invited to exhibit at GREENEX2010
For introductions or more info

Alwyn Smith
Southern African Alternative Energy Association (SAAEA)