Industrial grade, modular and portable, 500 gpd biodiesel production system.


Independence Energy

Independence Energy’s basic Biodiesel processing model is the BD76-500M™(patent pending). It is designed as the entry level unit for the generation of biofuel. This system is capable of producing 500 gallons of Biodiesel in a 24 hour period. As with all of Independence Energy’s systems, the BD76-500M™ will produce ASTM D6751 quality fuel.

The manual system is a skid mounted unit which gives the end user the flexibility to locate the system in the most convenient and safest site. All stainless steel construction ensures that the BD76-500M™ will perform at the highest level for years to come. The process of making Biodiesel is, after all, a chemical reaction the uses caustic material as a catalyst. Stainless steel will hold up under the demands of even the most prolific producer.

The BD76-500M™ includes a pre-mix vessel (the smaller of the two tanks) configured to introduce the catalyst into the methanol, and a batch reactor vessel (the larger tank) designed to agitate the batch at a constant reaction temperature. Unlike other processing units on the market, the BD76-500M™ maintains the optimal heat needed to effectively make Biodiesel.

The BD76-500M™ systems includes a heat source capable of producing enough BTUs to not only properly complete the chemical reaction but also to support excess methanol recovery. If desired, it will also de-water Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO). Liquid Propane provides the heat. The end user will need to contact their local LP supplier for the simple hook-up process.

All of the component parts of the BD76-500M™ are NEMA 7 rated to ensure to maximum safety and durability. Even its Price CD100 316ss, 1 1/2 hp XP pump and motor systems are built to comply with Independence Energy’s highest standards of quality and to meet regulatory compliance.

Unlike many of Independence Energy’s competitors, the control panel fixed to the BD76-500M™ is explosion resistant and does not need to be relocated away from the reactor system. The control panel complies with the requirements of the National Fire Prevention Act (NFPA).

The final step in the process of making ASTM D6751 quality fuel is the dry wash. Independence Energy includes in the BD76-500M™ system the Shine 1000™ canister designed to polish the fuel with a dry ionization media. We recommend to our customers that you use PD206®, a proprietary product made by PUROLITE® that functions to meet the highest industry standards at a low cost.

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