Merlin…The Planet Saving Wizard


[LOGO.jpg]Merlin……The Planet Saving Wizard
The official Mascot of SAAEA Alternative Energy.

“I publish relevant information to help save the Planet.

My core mission is to transform Southern Africa (and the world), through effective communication, into a clean and energy independent environment.

Providing a greener tomorrow is about enabling communities, businesses and individuals to harness the power of natural resources for free, clean and renewable energy.”

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Your input can help him save the planet.

Businesses who display the Merlin Wizard Seal of Approval have successfully completed our screening process and have been approved to be listed as socially and environmentally responsible to promote green living and environmental sustainability.

Green Energy is essential to modern society.

So, you’ve heard of climate change. Now what’s all the fuss about?
The big deal about climate change is that it’s irrefutably (and this sounds serious because it is), the most urgent issue facing mankind and our future. News about the threats of climate change is not actually new, numerous dedicated scientists and activists have been warning us for almost four decades already. Thankfully, after decades of inaction the international scientific community is getting through to us with their advice. Scientists have collected overwhelming evidence linking climate change to human actions almost without a doubt. Enough evidence has been gathered to catapult the threats of climate change into mainstream media and into the consciousness of a large number of global consumers.

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