Celebrity quotes on Climate Change.


The reality is that anyone in the limelight has the media attention or political relevance to get their opinions heard so why not exploit that with a worthy cause like the environment? 
“By employing the intelligence of natural systems we can create industry, buildings, even regional plans that see nature and commerce not as mutually exclusive but mutually coexisting.” (Brad Pitt)

“Recycling just seems like the right thing to do, I mean really, it makes us responsible for the messes that we make. It’s all about just picking up after yourself, not shoving our trash in our oceans and streams. We might as well reuse it before we lose it.” (Ed Begley Jr.) 

“The issue of climate change is one that we ignore at our own peril. There may still be disputes about exactly how much we’re contributing to the warming of the earth’s atmosphere and how much is naturally occurring, but what we can be scientifically certain of is that our continued use of fossil fuels is pushing us to a point of no return. And unless we free ourselves from a dependence on these fossil fuels and chart a new course on energy in this country, we are condemning future generations to global catastrophe.” (Barack Obama) 

“One person can make all the difference in the world. For the first time in recorded human history, we have the fate of the whole planet in our hands.” (Chrissie Hynde) 

“Each and every one of us can make changes in the way we live our lives and become part of the solution [to climate change]” (Al Gore, ‘An Inconvenient Truth’)

It’s important for celebrities, environmentalists and world leaders to continue to increase education and eco-awareness through the forums provided to them naturally by virtue of being famous. Take inspiration from these words of wisdom from a Nazi-era teenager and concentration camp victim: “how wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” (Anne Frank)

“We all have to do our part to raise awareness about global warming and the problems we as a people face in promoting a sustainable environmental future for our planet.” (Leonardo DiCaprio)

“The supreme reality of our time is…the vulnerability of our planet.” (John F. Kennedy) 

“If we want to move towards a low-polluting, sustainable society, we need to get consumers to think about their purchases.” (David Suzuki)

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