Very interesting VAWT Wind Turbine design.


A SAAEA member, Green Alternative Energy Solutions is proud to have become associated with Hi-VAWT Technology Corp of Taiwan.
They offer new technology Vertical Axis Wind Turbines (VAWT) in the 300 to 3000 watt range, developed for ground and roof mounted applications and excellent wind direction adaptability.
Noise levels are eliminated and DIY installation is possible.

The combination of Darrieus and Savonious blades offer high wind efficiency and low wind self-start capabilities.

The product has been approved by Taiwanese government as one of the national valuable innovation projects supported by government budget since April 2005.
2. R&D tasks of the project including air dynamic, wind rotor, generator and power controller and join cooperation with many different professors in the famous universities in Taiwan.
3. The design target of Hi Energy VASWT is to solve the key problems of HASWT. It has been confirmed that Hi Energy VASWT entirely solved the geographic wind turbulence problem and noise problem of HASWT.
4. The patented design of Hi Energy VASWT has accomplished both low wind self-start and high wind power efficiency. The predominant performance of Hi Energy VASWT has been confirmed over-riding all of the existing VASWT products designed by either Japanese or European. Hi Energy VASWT and is the best SWT available in the world nowadays.
5. Hi Energy VASWT products has CE certificate and has been sold in Taiwan, Japan, Korea, USA, New Zealand, Australia, UK, Ireland and Italy.
Their other notable product being a 300w Hybrid Street Light.