Solar Street Lighting completed..Evaton, South Africa.


Solar Gateway Africa (Pty) Ltd are proud to announce that they have successfully completed the Solar Street Light project in Evaton in conjunction with the department of housing.
In a time of increasing costs of electricity, power shortages and a global energy crisis, the Evaton Renewal Project has shown that creative thinking and local solutions can light the way using the power of the sun.
These lights require no cables, they can work immediately and do not need to be switched on and best of all, they do not need any electricity. This means that street lights can be installed in areas that do not have electricity. The cost estimates for solar power street lighting are similar to the costs of conventional street lighting, but the saving in monthly repayments, friendly environment atmosphere and the reliability make a huge difference.
Says Trevor Barber, director of  Solar Gateway: “The devices have the power efficiency of three consecutive days in the event of no sunlight and have been produced locally making it user friendly for replacements in case of defaults in apparatus without unnecessary delays. The units are independent from one another, meaning that if one unit malfunctions the others continues uninterrupted.”