Pellet Stoves


The range of pellet stoves on the market today is constantly growing, including the range of Enviro pellet stoves. There are several key design principles that all pellet stoves share, which are central to their appeal. Pellet stoves are a modern alternative to log stoves to provide part or all of the heating requirements for your home. Log stoves have little control over the amount of combustion air used, and this affects combustion efficiency. Therefore most log stoves are around 50% efficient. This means around half of the energy from the logs is lost. Pellet stoves on the other hand average a 90% efficiency. Meaning more heat is available to heat the home. It also means a small stove can be used and less fuel is needed to provide the same heat value as a log stove. Pellet stoves also burn the wood pellets fuel much more cleanly than logs, this means less ash and smoke is produced during combustion and sent to the air.
The Advantages Of Automated Pellet Stoves Compared To Log Stoves
There are other core advantages wood pellet stoves can generate compared to log stoves, fitting in more with the modern lifestyle. For example, all wood pellet stoves have highly automated features. Each pellet stove has a fuel hopper, which can hold at least a days worth of fuel. Some pellet stoves have extended hopers which can last for up to a week. The pellets are then feed automatically on demand from the hopper to the burn pot by a variable speed auger. The auger is controlled by the stove to place the required amount of fuel into the burn pot to reach the desired temperature. The combustion air is then dictated by a fan, also controlled by the wood pellet stove computer. Some of the stoves available today also have an inbuilt 12v battery, to power the stove in the case of a power failure. Finally pellet stoves can start the fire on a timer due to the inbuilt hot rod fire lighter in the burn pot. All of these features and abilities make wood pellet stoves a very low maintenance way to heat your home.
Possible Enviro Pellet Stove Limitation With Biomass Fuel Pellet Choice
As stated, the designs of pellet stoves and their components do vary, and these changes do have effects on the types of fuel pellets the stove can use, and how effectively it can use them. Some designs of pellet stove burn pot are very sensitive to changes in ash percentage of even 1%. One of the main reasons behind this, is some burn pot designs only move ash through the movement of the combustion air. As combustion air rate will remain constant, if the level of ash increased, the necessary amount of ash is not removed, and builds up in the burn pot. Eventually this will cause the wood pellet stove to stop.

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