Methods for Measuring Your Stream Flow…Hydropower.


Stream Flow x Head Pressure = Power
Stream levels will change through the seasons, so it is important to measure FLOW at various times of the year. We will need these varied flow measures to create an FDC or flow Duration curve, more on the FDC in a later post. If this seasonal variable flow measure is not possible, attempt to determine various annual flows by discussing the stream with a neighbor, or finding US geological survey flow data for your stream or a nearby larger stream. Also keep in mind that fish, birds, plants and other living things rely on your stream for survival. Especially during low water seasons, avoid using all the water for your hydro system. FLOW is typically expressed as volume per second or minute. This is also called a “FLOW rate” since it is a dynamic volume per time interval. Common examples of volume units are gallons or liters per second (or minute), and cubic feet or cubic meters per second (or minute):
GREENEX2010 will feature more hydropower solutions.