Upcoming Biofuel Survey in Mail & Guardian


The need for alternative fuels to power the world’s cars and truck has always been controversial. With many different ways of converting plant materials into petrol and diesel the questions over which solutions have the greatest potential for replacing fossil fuels as an energy source.
In this survey the Mail & Guardian will look at the bio fuels industry and ask how it is shaping up to the challenges that it is facing.
Issues that may be addressed include:
1. How has the retreat in the oil price from its historic highs affected the bio fuels industry?

2. What new sources of bio fuels are being investigated and what is the likelihood of these coming to fruition

3. How does South Africa fit into the global bio fuels research and development field?

4. How has the backlash against the use of land that had previously been used for food production been used for the production of bio fuel crops impacted the market?

Southern African Alternative Energy Association (SAAEA) urges members to submit content for this important survey.
This feature will be edited by Ben Kelly (011) 250 733 / 082820 8030 or