Concentrated Solar Thermal Power – Training course


Seville University holds a long tradition on Concentrated Solar Thermal Power (CSTP) research. Its students become key players at research centers and solar energy departments of companies. One of the “fathers” of CSTP in Spain, Manuel Silva, will be delivering 5 lessons about technology and assessment of solar resource.

About the speaker
Manuel Silva is a PhD Industrial Engineer with twenty four years of engineering experience, together with ten years as Associate Professor at the Engineering School of Seville University. He is the responsible of Solar Thermal Concentrating Systems and Solar Radiation Projects at the Group of Thermodynamics and Renewable Energy in this University. He coordinates or participates in several national and international projects on the following topics:
  • solar resource measurement, evaluation and assessment;
  • feasibility analysis of solar thermal power projects, including site characterization, estimation of electricity generation, optimization of the solar field;
  • R&D projects for component development, performance evaluation of solar thermal concentrating systems.
He worked as well for two years a freelance engineer, collaborating in international R&D projects in the field of Solar Thermal Concentrating Systems. He was a Member of the International Test and Evaluation Team at Plataforma Solar de Almería (Spain) during 5years. Ph D in Engineering at Seville University (Spain).
As a professor, he teaches the modules of Solar Radiation and Solar Thermal Concentrating Systems in the course of Renewable Energy at the Department of Energy Engineering, Seville University since 2001. He also teaches other graduate and postgraduate courses in different institutions, like the University of Colorado at Boulder (USA), UNIA (Universidad Internacional de Andalucía, Spain), ESPE (Escuela Politécnica Superior del Ejército, Ecuador) and other.



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General Principles of CSTP technology



Linear Focus Technologies:Parabolic Trough and Linear Fresnel Reflectors



Point Focus Technologies: Parabolic Dish and Central Receiver



Thermal Storage and Hybridization



Assessing the Solar Resource for CSTP plants


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