ZerH2O Waterless Toilet


ZerH2O is an environmentally friendly waste disposal device.

The device is suitable for rural and urban communities where waterborne sanitation is not a feasible option.
It is ideally suited for daily use by up to 6 persons.

It improves living standards, prevents the spread of disease and conserves water.

ZerH2O is a compact (1,6mØ x 0,6m), sealed, self-contained unit using an airflow drying process, effectively isolating the faeces from man, animals, insects, nature and weather, which prevents the spread of pathogens (harmful organisms).

Installed on a base unit (1) that incorporates a sump, the drying process is facilitated on a rotating disc (2). The disk and waste is protected and isolated by a dome-shaped cover (3). The cover makes provision for the toilet pan (4) by way of a recess and an aperture providing access to the rotating disk. An elementary, manually activated, mechanical device (5), rotates the disk. The turning of the disk scrapes the dried faeces from the disk into a basket in the sump. Moisture, gases and odour escape through the vent pipe (6). This process is assisted by an extraction device (7).

The basket containing the dry faeces is removed by lifting the lid (8), requiring no direct contact with the content.

The dry content that is free of most organisms, is disposed of and the basket and lid replaced. The basket must be emptied approximately every 2 months.

Urine is diverted by way of a separator built into the toilet pan. A urinal, for males, is fixed against the wall next to the toilet.

The unit is manufactured in South Africa from high quality synthetic material that has good weathering and impact properties.