Speech by the Minister of Water and Environmental Affairs (Climate change)


Excerpt from a Speech by the Minister of Water and Environmental Affairs, during the Debate on the State of the Nation Address, Parliament (15/02/2010)
“We must note that in order to achieve this we are already taking action in line with our development priorities. For example we are developing a 100 mega watt solar concentrated power plant, rolling out solar water heaters to a million households, supporting the commercialisation of South Africa’s electric car. 
In conclusion, we are undertaking a policy development process that seeks to achieve the objectives green growth, which will be informed by the long term mitigation scenarios study to guide the actions we need to take to follow a low carbon development path. As a focal point on climate change, our department is already engaged with sector departments in developing climate change sector plans, which require a concerted effort from government departments to ensure a meaningful climate change response that focuses on people.”

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